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Dear parents,

As already suggest our site, engaged in the manufacture, sales, service and even reverse purchase of babybikes. Babybikes are a phenomenon that combines many parents around the world, because it is a unique opportunity for children to experience everyday adventures together on the road and in and not be limited to, regardless of whether they are healthy or disbled children.


     Babybikes – are a unique solution for active moms, who want to enjoy the day’s adventure with your child without any limitations!


  • Where you can bybikes test: we are based in prague 9, so best is you will come to meet us and test babybike there. But also we will be happy to come to meet you to your area.
  • And outside of Prague: there are presentation events organize by our cooperatives, so folow our www and facebook pages. But it is also possible to arrange an individual presentation event outside Prague and we can to meet you also in distant places, but there we require a group of at least three poncial customers to make trip worthwhile.
  • What in the Slovak Republic: in Slovak Republic we have a partner who is also carrying his babybike and it is possible to arrange an individual presentation event.
  • How to order testing: best way to order presentation event is to male babybike order in our e-shop, where you add in babybike order that you have interest to test babybike first. Email for ordering is: objednavky@kolokocarek.cz, or you can set meeting at number: +420775 855692.
  • Join the competition: create a demo group in your area and the organizer of the largest groups in the month wins babybike for free. In addition, you get 10% commission recommended for customers who buy our babybike.
  • Become an active collaborator: help us expand our business network as an associate with us to sell more babybikes, than you can by also our babyvike only for costs and earn a commission for selling babybike to your customers.
  • Build your career: besides passive referral commission can work for us professionally and earn interest income and bonuses, as well as to build an interesting career. In this case, send us your CV and motivational email and we will be happy to meet and discuss everything. We are creating a network of business without borders, so we welcome the employees of all nationalities anywhere.